7- Implementando globalización, dibujo, y manipulación de texto en una aplicación de la plataforma .NET.

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A- Format data based on culture information. (Refer System.Globalization namespace)

Access culture and region information in a .NET Framework application.

CultureInfo class

CultureTypes enumeration

RegionInfo class

Format date and time values based on the culture.

DateTimeFormatInfo class

Format number values based on the culture.

NumberFormatInfo class

NumberStyles enumeration

Perform culture-sensitive string comparison.

CompareInfo class

CompareOptions enumeration

Build a custom culture class based on existing culture and region classes.

CultureAndRegionInfoBuilder class

CultureAndRegionModifier enumeration


B- Enhance the user interface of a .NET Framework application by using the System.Drawing namespace.

Enhance the user interface of a .NET Framework application by using brushespenscolors, and fonts.

Brush class

Brushes class

SystemBrushes class

TextureBrush class

Pen class

Pens class

SystemPens class

SolidBrush class

Color structure

ColorConverter class

ColorTranslator class

SystemColors class

StringFormat class

Font class

FontConverter class

FontFamily class

SystemFonts class

Enhance the user interface of a .NET Framework application by using graphicsimagesbitmaps, and icons.

Graphics class

BufferedGraphics class

BufferedGraphicsManager class

Image class

ImageConverter class

ImageAnimator class

Bitmap class

Icon class

IconConverter class

SystemIcons class

Enhance the user interface of a .NET Framework application by using shapes and sizes.

Point Structure

PointConverter class

Rectangle Structure

RectangleConverter class

Size Structure

SizeConverter class

Region class


C-Enhance the text handling capabilities of a .NET Framework application(refer System.Text namespace), and search, modify, and control text ina .NET Framework application by using regular expressions. (Refer System.RegularExpressions namespace)

StringBuilder class

Regex class

Match class and MatchCollection class

Group class and GroupCollection class

Encode text by using Encoding classes

Encoding class

EncodingInfo class


ASCIIEncoding class

UnicodeEncoding class

UTF8Encoding class

EncoderFallback class

EncodingFallback class

EncodingFallbackBuffer class

Decode text by using Decoding classes.

Decoder class

DecoderFallback class

DecoderFallbackBuffer class

DecoderFallbackException class

Capture class and CaptureCollection class

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