2- Implementando servicios, procesos, y dominios de aplicación en una aplicación de la plataforma .NET.

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A- Implement, install, and control a service. (Refer System.ServiceProcess namespace)

Inherit from ServiceBase class

ServiceController class and ServiceControllerPermission class

ServiceInstaller and ServiceProcessInstaller class

SessionChangeDescription structure and SessionChangeReason enumeration



B- Develop multithreaded .NET Framework applications. (Refer System.Threading namespace)

Thread class

ThreadPool class

ThreadStart delegate and ParameterizedThreadStart delegate

Timeout class, Timer class, TimerCallback delegate, WaitCallback delegate, WaitHandle class, and WaitOrTimerCallback delegate

ThreadState enumeration and ThreadPriority enumeration

ReaderWriterLock class

AutoResetEvent class and ManualResetEvent class

IAsyncResult interface (Refer System namespace)

EventWaitHandle class, RegisterWaitHandle class, SendOrPostCallback delegate, and IOCompletionCallback delegate

Interlocked class

ExecutionContext class, HostExecutionContext class, HostExecutionContext Manager class, and ContextCallback delegate

LockCookie structure, Monitor class, Mutex class, and Semaphore class

C- Create a unit of isolation for common language runtime in a .NET Framework application by using application domains. (Refer System namespace)

Create an application domain.

Unload an application domain.

Configure an application domain.

Retrieve setup information from an application domain.

Load assemblies into an application domain.

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