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Before I start to tell you why I recommend CampusMVP as an excellent place to learn about Microsoft technologies, I'd like to clarify that this isn't because I'm being paid for advertising. It's exactly the same as when I recommend you a book, it's just my honest opinion that I share with you all. I do the same with many things in this blog. But it doesn't mean that I'm on the publisher's payroll...I wish but I'm not!!  ;-)


A difficult decision

I remember many years ago, when I started to look for places to learn about Microsoft technologies, it was hard work and a difficult decision. Obviously all training companies claimed to be the best as trainers and I was really afraid to spend my little money and time in the wrong place. To be sure about my choice I looked for information in forums, blogs, and so on, and I found the Jose M.'s blog among many others so I asked him. He was a trainer on an online platform.

Jose Manuel didn't try to convince me that his course was the best in the world as the others tried to do. I remember clearly that he advised me to start with other courses. I was very interested in taking the course that leads to the official exam 70-536 of Microsoft. However, he told me about other sort of courses because at that time I didn't have any experience as developer and, at least, two years of experience are necessary to take this exam with great guarantees.

This kind of professional ethics and honesty convinced me to make CampusMVP my first choice. Imagine how big my surprise was when I realized that the person who had told me that probably I should have tried other courses and even other training companies is the Managing Director of CampusMVP.

By the way, as it's customary of me, I ignored every educational advice and I jumped directly to take the certification exam. I passed it at the second attempt. Anyway, it was my merit but it was also the merit of all my trainers in CampusMVP, such as Jose M., El Guille and Rodrigo Corral.


Other experiences

Obviously I've trained in many places and in different ways throughout the last years, principally in an autodidactic way. If you've heard that I'm addicted to buying books, it's true. When the publishing house Krasis Press was founded it was a wise move for me. In fact, the developers should never stop being self-taught and investigate on their own, regardless of the courses they take.

Of course I've tried learning in the classical way in a classroom training, but in my opinion, I don't think it is the best way to learn about programming. I don't like it when a teacher comes to class and they speak for a long time, It makes me bored. I want to touch my keyboard, I want to write code!!. In fact, it's the methodology which CampusMVP recommends. To practise is the most important thing when you're learning about technologies and e-learning is very nice for that. You can stop class and write code whenever you want.

I've also tried free courses on many platforms and even courses for the unemployed when I didn't have any money. Honestly I felt that, in most cases, I was wasting my time because these courses have lack of professionalism.


Behaviour with the students

I really like how CampusMVP treats me by phone or email. It isn't only that they're kind and fast but they know how to listen to the students and you can feel it.

When I was training with them I realized that they had discounts for university students and for those who had already trained with them. But they didn't have discounts for the unemployed. It seemed an injustice so I told them that. Now they have also discounts for unemployed people and that's because they knew how to listen.

it's very important to feel that someone is listening to you. So, if a company works on internet and doesn't listen to the users, then it's doing something really wrong. CampusMVP knows that and acts accordingly, I hope they will never stop doing that.


Stop the bullshit...What do they offer me technically?

The technical and educational knowledge in CampusMVP makes me comfortable for many reasons.

- The quality of the training materials. For personal reasons, I couldn't take the exam once I finished the course. But a long time after that, I wanted to take the exam and by reading the material which I'd obtained from the course, it was enough to pass the exam.

- The online platform. The CampusMVP website is easy to use and useful, anyway they can improve it. I know they're working on that after some suggestions from the students.

- Not just certification. I've checked on many occasions that the material covered in the courses of certification doesn't only contain everything you will need to take the exam but it also has extra lessons that all developers should know. So you have the certification course and more for the same price.

- Is my neighbour John teaching me?. I don't know if your neighbour is MVP on some Microsoft technologies but if he is, he is probably a trainer in CampusMVP. To spend 3 months asking someone who is the maximum exponent in some technology, doesn't have a price. It's a great warranty that you're with the best.


An expenditure or an investment?

Money is always a big problem, especially if you don't have it plus education is expensive. Every sort of education is expensive not just ICT

So I always think about that as an investment, therefore, I allow for what I can get from the education. If I decide to spend a lot of money on a course, it's because I'm sure I'm going to have some positive compensation.

Some time ago I was looking for new job opportunities and after seeing a lot of vacancies I realized that many companies wanted to hire someone with knowledge about ASP.NET MVC. I didn't think about that for a long time, I took the course, by the way a really nice course, and since then that technology began to be my favourite and natural way to work. I started working in a better company with a better salary 3 months after that. There's no excuse for this...just learn programming!!

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